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George Smith: But on second thought

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Wednesday’s list ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:




The early years of my hidden affection with the lingerie section of the Sears and Roebuck Catalog are so far in the rearview mirror; they are not even a memory.

Fact is, I’m told Sears no longer has a catalog. And my later years of time hidden away with a Playboy magazine are just about as dim.

So ... GORGEOUS definitely has a new definition in the eyes of this beholder ... as in a rear patio that has not one single palm in the green, not one single hanging plant is in the bloom, and a garden hose curled against the back wall since, well, way back.

Cushions for 123 patio chairs are stored away, which means I’m not out there running ’round like a chicken with its head cut off when it thunders in Branson, Mo., and the umbrellas on quiet patio tables droop in the stillness of winter’s day.

Like I said, GORGEOUS!

But gazing into a lovely and dreary and rainy day from the window of my barn, a couple of things come to me.

1. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere recently that the winter solstice had passed through my Sweet Home Alabama. Which means each day is a little longer than the day before.

2. Heard that GORGEOUS blonde talking with Wayne Clark on the phone a couple of days back. Wayne’s a yardmaster, and he and the blonde have had a long-standing “affair” that springs alive again each spring ... at considerable cost.

On second thought, I think I’ll go somewhere and just cry myself to sleep.



"And eyeball to eyeball Ol' Wyatt backed down,

“He stood shoulder to shoulder with Travis in Texas,

“And rode with the Seventh when Custer went down,

“This is the last cowboy song.”


BIRTHDAYS: Feb. 18 —  Martha Swader; Feb. 19 — Lewis McCary.


TOP TEEN: Say hello to Marli Hanks, a senior at Ohatchee High School where her blistering 4.0 GPA has valedictorian honors for the Class of 2019 nailed to her resume. A 30 on her ACT makes for a very nice frosting on the cake.

Marli is a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, the SGA, the Key Club, and is in her second year as vice-president of the FBLA.

This young lady is versatile to say the least.

She is a member of the color guard and captain in the marching band and also in the concert band.

Now let’s play a bit.

Marli is on the varsity basketball and indoor and outdoor track teams, with numerous awards along the way. One special is from her peers who have voted her “Most Likely to Succeed.”

She has a Gamecock Excellence Scholarship, has a number of AP courses notched, and will pursue a bachelor’s degree in pre-health biology.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching Miss Hanks for the past two years,” says her AP English teacher, Lindsay Ford. “Whether it’s band, academics or athletics, Marli contributes 110 percent to everything she does. That drive, combined with her confidence and integrity, makes her a leader both in and outside the classroom.”

Proud parents are Jennifer and Doug Hanks, Mudd Street, Ohatchee.

Cheers are in order ...


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