Wednesday’s list . . . of beans and greens and other things ...


SOMEWHERE out there the late Buddy Moore has a smile as wide as the first fairway up on “The Hill,” lesser known as the Anniston Municipal Golf Course.

It was there Buddy spent a lifetime as “the pro” and one of his favorite sayings was:

“May the Good Lord take a liking to ya.”

Off the results of the 10th Annual Buddy Moore Charity Golf Tournament, Buddy has reasons to smile and for all those hundreds he took a “lacking to,” I’ll let Pat O’Brien speak:

“This year’s tournament was one of our best ever. We raised over $21,000 and had donations from Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia. Every penny we raise from the tournament is distributed to the needy and special needs kids in our community.

“After a slow beginning we have raised over $110,000.”

A note: I was supposed to have mentioned this a few weeks back, thought I had, couldn’t find it if I did. And even if I did, well, Pat, you and your buddies just take a second bow.


QUOTABLE: “A smart girl leaves before she is left.”

               — Marilyn Monroe


BIRTHDAYS: Sept. 29 — Debbie Neighbors; Sept. 30 — Rebecca Cofer, Ferrell Owen and Danny Albright; Oct. 1 Louise Broom; Oct. 2 —  Willie Bunt; Oct. 3 — Gayle Gamel; Oct. 4 — Alice Curvin and Kathy Broom.


IT’S PERSONAL, but someone who is very dear to me celebrated a birthday Monday, Oct. 1.

Her name is Avis Lura Smith Cotton and she was the very first valedictorian ever at Saks High School and definitely belongs in the beauty class.

To say we are close is an understatement. I had to baby sit her when she was just a tiny baby ... and I’m gonna stop right there.

I love you, Sis ... too much.



Q — Why was the belt sent to jail?

A — For holding up a pair of pants.


TOP TEEN:  Meet Madison Feith Watson, a senior at Jacksonville High School where she carries a 97.12 GPA and has a blistering 30 on her ACT. That puts Madison in the National Honor Society. She is also in Mu Alpha Theta and the Spanish National Honor Society.

Academic honors is her beat and her peers have recognized that by voting her “Most Intelligent” for the past two years.

Madison is vice-president of the FBLA, in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and served on the prom committee as a junior.

There is a bit more to young Miss Watson, like music in her soul.

A member of the Jacksonville High School Marching Band, Madison is a section leader, plays the piano, marimba, xylophone and is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs. She has won multiple honors in both solos and hymns.

“Madison is hard working and dedicated,” says Marsha Stallings, senior counselor. “She reflects depth and understanding in academic discussions beyond someone of her age. Madison does not simply want to know the answer to a question, she wants to know the ‘why’ behind it.”

Proud parents are Jim and Marita Watson of Jacksonville.

Take a bow, young lady ...


I JUST mailed Barry Robertson a check for my car tags. And again did it mumbling about the cards sent out by the Commissioner of Licenses.

The cards come without a return envelope and will not fit a standard envelope. Needed scissors to trim top and bottom.

Barry’s a really good guy, but dad-gummit, it’s the little things ...


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