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George Smith: Bill Clark: Fruit from the tree

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Wednesdays list of beans ’n’ greens ’n’ other things ...


THE FRUIT doesn’t fall far from the tree.

That one jumped to my mind Sunday morning when I picked up The Star, unfolded it, and a photo of Bill Clark jumped off page one.

The story on UAB Coach Bill Clark being named Coach of the Year by the Football Writers Association of America was more than deserving. Let me replay you just one paragraph of a story our sports editor Mark Edwards filed from San Jose.

“The FWAA has recognized a National Coach of The Year since 1957 and with his award Clark has accomplished something Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant never did.

The “tree” bit came from memories I have of “little” Ragan Clark as an All-County lineman way back, and I do mean way back. Ragan became a very successful high school coach and, if memory serves me correctly, came out of “retirement” to be an assistant coach under his son at Prattville High near Montgomery.

Let me add just a couple of items on Bill Clark before he reached the college ranks at Jacksonville State:

1 — His overall high school record was 106-11. Read that one again ... 106-11.

2 — He won back-to-back state high school championships in 2006-07.

I’ve never met Bill, but did become good friends with his father. I know “Daddy” is more than proud.

And don’t be surprised if Clark’s name starts popping up on major college lists. Probably already would have had not UAB suspended football for two years back in 2014.


QUOTABLE: If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide. – Abraham Lincoln

People, you need to read one that again ... and put it on the refrigerator door. “Ourselves” are in trouble.


CLEMSON 44, Alabama 16.

That’s a football game?

Not if you’re an Alabama fan. On the playground at Ohatchee, back in my time, it would be called an “old-fashioned butt kicking.”

Alabama was out-coached, out-prepared, out-hustled, out-hit, out-anything-else you can think of.


EIGHTEEN-WHEELERS, heading north on Alabama 21-U. S. 431 should be banned from using the little connection to 21 to 431 through Five Points at Saks.

Two and three 18-wheelers lined up to turn left at Lagarde Park is not unusual. That stacks up the traffic.

On a recent day, I was behind two side-by-side with a third behind.

Signs direct 431/21 traffic heading north on U.S. 431 to an on-ramp but that’s it ...

Hey, just ask me ... I know everything ...



Q — What did one frog say to the other?

A — Time sure is fun when you're having flies.


BIRTHDAYS: Jan. 1 — Gaye Vice and Bonnie Brooks; Jan. 5 —  David Vice and Brian Vice; Jan. 10 — Guy Sparks.


THERE ARE now just 82 shopping days left ’til April Fool’s Day ... April 1.        


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