Wednesday’s beans ’n greens ’n other things:


MIMI ... back in the 1960s and well into the ’70s, if you mentioned Mildred Butler, you got a “who’s that?” look.

Mimi was another story. For 18 years in the ’60s and ’70s, she came into our living rooms via “By the Way” on Channel 40, with co-host Bill Hagler sitting by her side.

Bill, also our weatherman at the time, knew Mimi, who died March 1, as well as anyone other than her family.

Bill, talking about Mimi:

“I’ve lost a true friend. Having worked with her for 18 years, our family was very close.”

But Mimi, a dental hygienist and kindergarten teacher, was more than a local TV personality. She loved to sing, loved to act.

“With her beautiful red hair and lovely soprano voice, she was a natural to play ‘Mame,’ which she did in a local production back in the 1970s.

“Mimi also loved the outdoors. After she left the station, she and her husband Lowndes did a lot of exploring and hiking through the Smoky Mountains.

“Her beautiful yard was also famous and was selected as a bird habitat.”

Old friends are forever. You can ask Hagler about that ... and then there are the remembrances of old fans from those way back years.


BIRTHDAYS: March 4 – Neal Lemmon; March 5 – Evis Thompson; March 6 –Pat Patterson.


TUESDAY WAS a 54th wedding anniversary for Eddie and Barbara Tankersley. Eddie is a deacon in our church, Blue Mountain Baptist, and a close friend.

But he married above himself and when I mention that, I get:

“Makes two of us.”

Really, really good people.


ONE MORE from Smiley Anders, columnist for the Baton Rouge Advocate:

“Age isn’t all that bad; it’s just so very, very sad!

“However, as some sage once said: ‘Very sad beats very dead.’’’


TOP TEEN: Meet Rachel Faucett, salutatorian for the Class of ’18 at Pleasant Valley High School. A GPA of 4.1 with a 29 ACT shows clearly her path to number two academically in her class.

One of her rewards, probably the highest, is that Rachel is a recipient of this year’s Bryant-Jordan Scholarship. She is also holding Spirit of Auburn grant, another high honor.

To say Rachel took the high road in getting there is an understatement. Let’s just list AP chemistry and honors courses, English 101 and 102 at Jacksonville State, and Politics 211 and Math 112-113 at Gadsden State.

But she doesn’t stop with the books. As a junior, Rachel took top high-jump honors in Class 1A-3A plus 3A outdoor high jump at the state level, and she holds the state record in the 1A-3A indoor high jump.

Somewhere in all of that she is a volunteer at the Shocco Springs Retreat, summer program at the Jacksonville Public Library, and a Bible study leader at her church.

“Rachel is an exceptional student, athlete and role model,” says Mylane Wigley, senior counselor. “Her hard work and positive attitude are reflected in the many accomplishments she has achieved both academically and in her high jump state records.”

Proud parents are John and Anne Faucett.

A standing ovation is in order for one of our finest.