Wednesday’s list of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


IN A RECENT column I told you about running into Bill Hagler, who was the “weatherman” and co-host of “By The Way” on old Channel 40 in Anniston.

Hagler is now 20 years into retirement, but his name and presence remain a warm memory in our area.

An email from Mary Martel holds the essence of the man:

“About 30 years ago when my children were 5 and 7 years old my car broke down and I had  pulled to the side of the road. I had no family in this area and was in a panic. Car after car passed by and no one offered help.

“Suddenly, a car pulled over and Mr. Hagler got out. I recognized him from TV and was so relieved. He offered to help me and I was able to get to a phone to call my neighbor for help.

“He is the only person who stopped that day and he will always hold a special place in my heart. Yes, he has been ‘a big part of our community in a quiet sort of way,’ not only as our local weatherman, but also as a kind and caring  person.”


AT THE finish line it was Fort McClellan, a major economic power in our area dating back to World War II.

Before that there was Camp McClellan. That was back during World War I.

But even before that, there was Camp Shipp.

From Wikipedia:

“Established 3 Sep 1898 after the Spanish American War was over but before the peace treaty had been signed. Used as a winter reserve camp until the peace treaty was finalized.

“Housed six regiments of state volunteer troops (some very briefly). The winter was unusually cold with temperatures reportedly reaching -14 degrees in February. Abandoned in March 1899.”

Camp Shipp was located in the vicinity of what is now North Noble and Blue Mountain Road.


SITTING AT the entrance to the Crossroads, an antique place on the Piedmont  bypass, there is a commode ... as in toilet.

The bowl is filled with sand, the sign reads:

“Put Your Butts Here.”

But that’s minor league.

I ran across a photo on the internet recently of a commode with the tank still attached. The commode was being used as a charcoal grill, the tank as an ice chest. That’s major league.


BIRTHDAYS: Feb. 2 — Lawrence Edwards; Feb. 7 — Mattie Coley; Feb. 12 — Linda Morsak; Feb. 13 — Don Howell and Jonathan Broom; Feb. 13 — Betty Brooks; Feb. 16 — Vicki Creel.


TOP TEEN: Meet Madelyn Morales, a senior at Jacksonville Christian Academy, where she will give the salutatorian address at spring graduation.

Madelyn heads for an Advanced Diploma through dual enrollment college credits from Oral Roberts University.

She is in the National Honor Society, the 4-H Club the Student Government Association, and journalism.

In all of that there is time for volleyball and the school choir.

“Madelyn has been here since kindergarten,” says Principal Tommy Miller. “She is an excellent student, a perfectionist, has strong spiritual values and cares about her classmates.”

Proud parents are Adam and Marla Morales of Anniston.

Take a bow, young lady.


FINALLY, a Happy Valentine’s Day to the best-looking blonde in this town ... and I gotta go get some flowers and candy.


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