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THURSDAY is the 76th anniversary of Japan’s surprise assault on Pearl Harbor:

“A day that will live in infamy.”

I’ve been to the USS Arizona Memorial and watched quietly as droplets of black oil, even after all these years, still bubble to the surface.

“Black Tears.”

The attack killed 1,177 men aboard the Arizona. There were 334 survivors.

Since then, more than 40 of those survivors have returned to the Arizona, their ashes interred in the hold of the ship ... at rest with those who did not survive a cruel and terrible act by the Japanese.

The interments are conducted on the Arizonaand only those aboard the ship that day are welcome.

So, if you will, pause for a silent moment Thursday in memory of heroes forever silent.


FOR THIS morning’s visit, there is this:

“Alabama has the cleanest cars in America. We throw everything out the window.”Clyde Bolton

Now about Mr. Bolton, with whom some of you may or may not be familiar.

Clyde, an Alexandria High School graduate who played football for Lou Scales, and I became friends way back (year is none of your business).  I was a copy boy in The Star’s advertising department and he was counting papers in the circulation department.

Well, Clyde “grew up” to become one of our state’s best sportswriters and for years was The Birmingham News’ lead sports columnist (also way back when.) I became sports editor of this newspaper, but my son-and-heir will tell you his “Pop” still lacks some maturity.

Another note is Clyde married the former Sandra Griffin, a two-time homecoming queen at Alexandria. I married the former Naomi Agnes Vice, voted prettiest girl in our class at Ohatchee (year, again, is none of your business).

Clyde and I meet every two weeks or so at the Two Sisters Restaurant in Ashville to tell the same stories we told each other the last time we met.

Hey, it’s fun ... and Clyde is one of the best friends I ever had ... and still is.


QUOTABLE: “If life is not a bed of roses, remember who wore the thorns. – Unknown


BIRTHDAYS: Dec. 1 – Marty Mangham; Dec. 2 – Bruce Wombachen and Emily Terry; Dec. 6 – Kitty Bussey; Dec. 9 – Glenda McWhorter and Dale Cox.


TOP TEEN: One of Walter Wellborn’s finest steps center stage this morning. Her name is Rebecca Boyer, a senior in the Class of ’18, who carries a blistering 4.01 GPA as she turns toward graduation in the spring.

Her academics have her in the Senior Honor Society and that is one of the results of her earning academic letters since 2012. Rebecca is also a member of the Key Club, is captain of the Wellborn Dance Line, and has been a member of the Student Council Association since 2013.

Rebecca is senior editor of the school yearbook and part of Panther News, a school group that puts together technology/videos at school functions.

Proud parents are Alice Boyer and Randy Boyer of Anniston.

“Rebecca is a strong influence at Wellborn High,” says Shaa Bolt, senior counselor. “I can’t wait to see what her future holds.”

Applause is in order.


FOR THE ROAD: Dogs like sweets more than cats. Cats have 473 taste buds, dogs about 1,700. Humans approximately 9,000.

Man, the things you learn prowling the internet.


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