(KMAland) -- Iowa is the largest exporter of soybeans ($3.6 billion), pork ($2.0 billion), corn ($1.7 billion), feeds and fodder ($1.0 billion), and processed grain products ($775 million) in the United States. Ag groups and organizations celebrated National Ag Day in Washington, D.C. and around the country Tuesday.

It happens this time of year all over the country. You are driving down the road on a beautiful day with little wind and dotting the landscape you see the plumes of white smoke rising into the atmosphere. Should you be alarmed or investigate? Maybe, if you fear there is a stray fire that could damage property of people, or if it has been tinder-dry out and you know there is a burning ban in place. What you are seeing most likely, though, is fire being used as a tool, more specifically a management tool, to benefit wildlife of all species.

An invasive species is on the move and may be headed for Montana. Palmer amaranth, a giant pigweed, is known to have spread to at least 28 states, including Minnesota and South Dakota, but has not yet been reported in Montana. To prevent its spread into Montana, landowners are encouraged to check their fields to ensure the invasive weed is not present.

Purdue University extension made this time-lapse video of Palmer amaranth plants growing during July 2014 in north central Indiana. Palmer amaranth plants can be observed growing next to a wooden post marked in one-foot increments. Palmer amaranth plants were tracked at a growth rate over on…

This time-lapse video made by Purdue University Extension captures the emergence of Palmer amaranth in two soybean plots during the spring of 2014 in north central Indiana. The plots present a side-by-side comparison of a full rate of a pre-emergence residual herbicide against no residual he…

(Chesterfield, MO)--When disaster strikes in rural America, you can always count on a neighbor to pitch in and lend a helping hand. It is who we are and it is part of our tradition and heritage. In times of large-scale devastation, all of us working in U.S. agriculture feel the affect because we know that our lives and our futures are inextricably linked.

ALEXANDRIA -- Drones can provide an aerial view of a crop’s progress and health, but they won’t replace scouting fields on foot, LSU AgCenter researchers advised on March 16 at a drone workshop held at the AgCenter Dean Lee Research Station.

With sustainability practices and grown-your-own-food initiatives increasingly on the rise, more and more Americans are keeping backyard chicken flocks.

While the initial appeal is to provide a wholesome and fresh alternative to commercially-produced eggs, several unexpected benefits can be attributed to owning your own poultry.

Racine-based Case IH’s driverless, no-cab tractor is a concept vehicle: proven but not yet being manufactured, explained Rob Zemenchik, Case IH AFS global marketing manager. But he said with the onset of manufacturing it is just a matter of time.

There are two major surveys of land values and cash rental rates that I use each year when fielding questions from clientele about the subject. One is done by UNL Ag Economics Department and the other by the National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) of USDA.

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