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Voters OK changes to state constitution

Amendments ballot

Alabama voters approved four new statewide amendments to the state's constitution on Tuesday, and Calhoun County voters gave the OK to two local amendments. Here's how the voting went:

Statewide Amendment 1 - Ten Commandments – PASSED

Declares that Alabama schools and public buildings can post the Ten Commandments as part of a broader historical display. Bans state from spending money on legal defense for those displays.

FOR: 72


(1,591 of 2203 precincts reporting)

Statewide Amendment 2 - Abortion – PASSED

Says there’s no right to abortion under state law. Wouldn’t immediately affect abortion rights in the state without a federal court ruling.

FOR: 60


(1,591 of 2203 precincts reporting)

Statewide Amendment 3 - UA trustees – PASSED

Allows the University of Alabama to keep appointing trustees from each of the current Congressional districts, even if the state loses a district after the 2020 Census.

FOR: 61


(1,591 of 2203 precincts reporting)

Statewide Amendment 4 - State House elections – PASSED

Would eliminate elections to fill vacant seats in the state House of Representatives, if the vacancy occurs in the 13 months before an election.

FOR: 66


(1,591 of 2203 precincts reporting)

Local Amendment 1 - Calhoun County bingo – PASSED

Would ban bingo halls within 1,000 yards of a residence.

FOR: 68


(With 42 of 46 precincts in)

Local Amendment 2 - Police jurisdiction – PASSED

Alabama cities can enforce the law in areas near the city but outside city limits. Says that cities with territory outside Calhoun County can’t exercise police jurisdiction outside city limits within Calhoun County.  Would affect Southside, Glencoe and Piedmont. There’s an explicit exception for Oxford.

FOR: 64

(With 42 of 46 precincts in)

(Sources: Associated Press, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office)


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