Cleburne County Probate Judge Ryan Robertson goes over voting results from a box at the Mountain Center in Cleburne County Tuesday night.

HEFLIN — Republicans easily won both races for the Alabama Legislature in Cleburne County on Tuesday.

Republican Randy Price beat Democrat Darrell Turner to take State Senate District 13. Price had 3,830 votes to Turner’s 571 votes in Cleburne County.

Republican Bob Fincher beat Democrat Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson for State Representative District No. 37.

In Cleburne County Fincher had 2,015 votes to Clark-Frieson’s 203 votes.

Cleburne voters decided by a slim margin, 277 votes, to reject the Limited Self Governance act which would have given the County Commission authority to pass nuisance ordinances.

“No” votes totaled 1,520 and “Yes” votes totaled 1,243.

Voter turnout in Cleburne County was 41 percent as 4,453 voters went to the polls on Tuesday to cast votes. There are roughly 10,000 registered voters in Cleburne County according to Cleburne County Probate Judge Ryan Robertson.

“In Cleburne County we’ve had a great turnout of voters who want to come and vote in this election. Looks like it’s predominantly Republican — straight Republican —  and it looks like the local act was pretty tight,” Robertson said as he helped his staff tally votes at the Mountain Center.

“It’s a huge turnout for Cleburne County because we didn’t have any local people who were opposed and I think that there’s a lot of people in the United States that are taking this election process very seriously and want to come out and vote,” Robertson said.

Robertson said that a combination of morals, patriotism and enthusiasm contributed to higher voter turnout.

Local candidates who ran unopposed in Cleburne County and will start new terms in the coming weeks include:

— Circuit Clerk for Cleburne County Warren Sarrell

— Cleburne County Judge Of Probate Ryan Robertson

— Cleburne County Commissioner District No. 2 Emmett Owen

— Cleburne County Commissioner District No. 3 Terry Hendrix

— Cleburne County Sheriff Dennis Green

— Cleburne County Coroner Adam Downs

— Cleburne County Board Of Education District No. 2 Jay Grubbs

— Cleburne County Board Of Education District No. 4 Donya Beam


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