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On-time start seen for Cleburne County schools

HEFLIN Cleburne County schools will start their year on time, according to Superintendent Chad Young. 

Schools are scheduled to open for students Aug. 13 under the school system’s Phase Two plan for traditional and virtual students.

The school system has a three-phase plan to accommodate the ever-changing COVID-19 data. The severity and number of local cases determine which phase is brought into play.

Phase Two allows traditional students to physically attend school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays and Fridays these students will learn virtually or with paper packets to allow for disinfecting schools and school buses. 

Phase Two for virtual students will continue their daily online lessons. 

Phase One allows students to attend school in-person if the wish as the academic calendar dictates, while virtual students can complete required courses online.

In Phase Three all students learn virtually to allow the schools to be disinfected and to allow for a decrease in area COVID cases.

“That’s the plan currently,” Young said on Tuesday.

Young said that the school system is gathering information and data from the health department and state department for guidance on how the year will play out.

“It’s going to be a work in progress for awhile,” Young said.

During its monthly meeting on Monday the school board unanimously approved the following employments:

— Tonya Smith as a part-time interventionist at Pleasant Grove Elementary School

— Connie Moore as a part-time Alabama Reading Initiative coach at Pleasant Grove Elementary

— Kimberly Nolen as a teacher at Cleburne County Elementary

— Cassidy Lipscomb as a PreK teacher lead teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary

— Brittaney Boatfield as a PreK Auxiliary teacher at Ranburne Elementary

— Christie Ayers as a special education coordinator

— Brooklyn Whitley as a school nurse at the Ranburne campus

— Jessie Smith and Terry Coker as bus drivers

— Kecia Burns as a full-time guidance counselor at Cleburne County High School

— Neale Morgan as a social science teacher at Cleburne County High School

— Ritta Bailey as a one-half day teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary

— Emily Mathis as a teacher at Cleburne County Elementary

— Melissa Gay as a teacher at Ranburne Elementary 

— Romana Phillips as a Alabama Reading Initiative reading coach at Ranburne Elementary

— Victoria Benefield, Kayla Bowman, LeAnne Horsby and Amanda Johnson as Title I kindergarten camp instructors at Ranburne Elementary

The board also approved the transfer of Emily Altman as one-half day teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary to one-half day school guidance counselor at Cleburne County Elementary School.