The Calhoun County Board of Education got its first look at the 2020-21 budget Thursday night, one built on “conservative revenues,” according to the school system’s finance director. 

“You can see we did receive a decrease in our teacher funding as a result of the decline in our enrollment,” Johanna Martin, the chief financial officer for the school district, told school board members in a meeting at Anniston Middle School.

Board member Trudy Munford noted that academic club sponsors tended to make less in supplemental pay than their athletic peers. “I’m trying to figure out why in the world are we giving our department heads $1,000 and we have the weight trainers getting a whole lot more,” Munford said.

Jacksonville State University is tracking 44 active cases of COVID-19, according to the university’s coronavirus task force, as schools around Alabama began to release results this week from GuideSafe testing.

This weekend is move-in time for many JSU students, a milestone of traditional excitement and anticipation — but this year one of wariness and curiosity as parents and students alike consider how everyone will negotiate the rules of living together during a pandemic.

Eli Henderson’s true size was hard to gauge, watching him every other week with the family he had made inside county offices. Physically, he looked a bit over 5 feet tall. Spiritually, Henderson was a mountain.

The number of child abuse and neglect reports to the state dropped significantly in the spring when the coronavirus outbreak abruptly closed schools and child care centers and fewer eyes were on children.

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