The Anniston Kiwanis Club's back-to-school shopping expeditions for disadvantaged children date back nearly 40 years, when the very first spending allotment was set at $20 per child for one set of clothes plus school supplies. Sunday, the stakes were higher.

The Calhoun County Board of Education this week voted to sell a 40-x-40-foot piece of property near Weaver High School for a token amount to the city of Weaver. 

Anniston’s chapter of the Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention hosted its annual back-to-school bash at John Nettles Park in Anniston Saturday.

The rise in diesel fuel costs for the Calhoun County school system’s trucks and buses doesn’t surprise school board chairman Tobi Burt, but it has forced board members to make an adjustment in the budget to cover those costs.

The food-service robot is an element of a package of new dining options the university is creating this year, including facilitating food trucks to the campus and “virtual dining” options that would use robots to deliver food to students.

Jacksonville State University announced this week it will open a daycare facility that will serve not only student parents and staff but also community residents.

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