HEFLIN Heflin police officers charged four persons last week with various drug and controlled substance felonies.

— John Anthony Huey, 44, and Zavair Alijsha Boston, 23, both of Carrollton, Ga., were arrested on April 10 in Heflin.

Huey was charged with possession of a controlled substance and illegal possession of prescription drugs, while Boston was charged with attempting to commit a controlled-substance crime.

Heflin police Chief A. J. Benefield said the two had fake prescriptions — which Huey had created with a inkjet printer — that they were trying to use at Heflin pharmacies.

Police cornered Huey’s vehicle in the parking lot of the BB&T bank Monday afternoon, at which time they arrested Huey. Benefield said Boston ran from the sceneand went inside the nearby Dollar General store, where he changed clothes. He was arrested when he left the building, Benefield said.

 Benefield said the investigation in this case had been going on for a few months, encompassing an area of  west Georgia where multiple suspects were arrested by Georgia officials. More arrests are expected.

Benefield said that the department filed seizure on Huey’s black BMW because it was used it to sell, distribute or obtain controlled substances and he had used the vehicle to cross state lines while in possession of controlled substances. Benefield said officer Tyler Murphy led the investigation.

Huey and Boston were taken to Cleburne County Jail.

— Christa Elaine Hardaway, 32, of Birmingham, was arrested April 11 and charged with drug trafficking and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Benefield said that officer Chris Cohran pulled over a 2018 white Dodge Charger on Interstate 20 at mile marker 201 for a traffic violation. Cohran noticed a strong odor of marijuana near the vehicle so the department’s drug detection dog, Beni, was brought in. The dog alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle, so Cohran, assisted by a State Trooper, searched it and discovered 70 pounds of marijuana in heat-sealed bags.

Hardaway was taken to Cleburne County Jail.

— On April 12 Paul William Harris, 26, of Chicago but listed as a Birmingham resident at the time of his arrest, was charged with drug trafficking. Officer Cohran pulled Harris over for a traffic violation on Interstate 20 at mile marker 200. Cohran noticed the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and detection dog Beni alerted to the aroma of narcotics coming from the trunk. Five pounds of marijuana in clear plastic bags was confiscated during the search.

Harris was taken to Cleburne County Jail.

Staff writer and photographer Bill Wilson: 256-235-3544. On Twitter: @BWilson_Star