A 23-year-old Eastabogaman faces a misdemeanor weapons offense after allegedly carrying brass knuckles Wednesday.

According Anniston police Sgt. Kyle Price, officers were responding to a disturbance call at the 2400 block of Alabama 202 on Wednesday. Price said the suspect, 23, was with a group when police arrived at noon. Officers frisked the suspect and felt something hard in his pocket and asked for permission to search him, Price said; they found black brass knuckles, worth $10.

The suspect was arrested Wednesday and charged with a misdemeanor weapons offense for having concealed brass knuckles. He made his $300 bond and will be in court next Wednesday.

According to state law, anyone who carries concealed brass knuckles, slingshots or similar weapons could face a fine between $50 and $500, imprisonment by the county and up to six months of hard labor for the county.

Price said he only finds brass knuckles on suspects a few times a year. Because of the way the law is written, he said, he assumes openly carrying brass knuckles and slingshots is not illegal.

According to officials at the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, a concealed carry permit only covers pistols, not other weapons like brass knuckles.

Price said he did not know of any legal way to keep concealed brass knuckles.

“I’ve never heard of a concealed brass knuckles permit,” Price said.

Price said concealed slingshot incidents were uncommon.

“I’ve never in my career run into that or heard of anyone who has run into that,” Price said. 

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