Calhoun County sheriff’s deputies were investigating Monday after, they said, a man sent explicit photos of his ex-girlfriend to one of her friends.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said the suspect between July 23 and Aug. 6 repeatedly texted and called the woman, threatened to kill her and threatened to send to her friends and family explicit photos of her he had gotten while they were dating.

At one point, Wade said, the suspect sent a nude photo to one of her friends via SnapChat.

Wade said Monday deputies had identified a suspect, but had made no arrests. If the suspect is arrested, he could be charged with second-degree domestic violence and sexual extortion.

Wade said the statute defining sexual extortion is relatively new, and described the crime as sending sexual images of someone with the intent to harm or embarrass them.

“If two people were in an intimate relationship, and they’re no longer in an intimate relationship, somebody shouldn’t be able to use that to harm them,” Wade said.

According to state law, second-degree domestic violence and sexual extortion are both Class B felonies, which can result in up to two decades in prison and as much as a $30,000 fine.

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