RANBURNE — The Ranburne Town council Monday voted unanimously to restrict large trucks from some town streets. Mayor Jim Smith said he has received complaints from residents about large trucks damaging Georgia Avenue.

“A log truck has no business on that road unless he lives on that road,” Smith said. Agricultural vehicles will be exempt, according to Smith.

The ordinance passed specifies that “no truck shall use, enter, or travel on all or any part of any street located in the town of Ranburne,” but makes an exception for trucks of local residents who must use the street to reach their homes. The cost of repairing the damage to the streets is a drain on the town’s budget according to Smith.

The fine for violating the ordinance will be up to $500 for each axle on the vehicle, unless the driver has proof of local delivery or other documents that allow the vehicle to be on that street.

Signs will be posted on the roads where truck traffic is not permitted.

The council also discussed paving a road on a piece of property the town owns along Alabama 46. Smith wants the council to approve the $25,000 cost of putting in a gravel road with a turn-around. The property could then be developed with football and baseball practice fields for the recreation department. Currently the youth football teams have to practice on a baseball fields.

Smith also said the field could be used for vendors during the annual Highway 46 Yard Sale on Sept. 22-24, as well for other purposes.

“It’s something I wanted to get done before the big yard sale, to tell you the truth, you could have it in that field,” Smith said.

Councilman Larry Smith questioned the mayor about the funding of the project because the money will come out of the town’s general fund.

Mayor Smith was hoping that the county could furnish the gravel for the road which would save $7,500. The mayor said he will attend the next Cleburne County Commission work session to inquire about the county providing the gravel.

The council also voted unanimously to approve $1200 to buy 800-megahertz radios for the police department. The new radios will allow the police department to communicate with neighboring Bowden, Ga., police during emergencies.

Staff writer and photographer Bill Wilson: 256-235-3544. On Twitter: @BWilson_Star