HEFLIN — A $65,000 piece of equipment taken from road crews installing safety cables on Interstate 20 in Heflin was recovered in Georgia on Monday. A skid steer — a small, rigid-frame, motorized piece of equipment with lift arms — had been stolen during the weekend, according to Heflin officer Danny Turner.

The skid steer, which the highway work crews were using, had been rented from a business in Georgia. Turner contacted the business and learned that the skid steer had a GPS locating device on it. Turner traced the equipment to a residence in Douglas County, Ga.

Turner alerted authorities in Georgia and gave them a map with the exact location of the stolen equipment.

“By the time it got reported, I think it was an hour and fifteen minutes, I had guys on the ground over there calling me and sending pictures that they had already recovered the $65,000 piece of equipment,” Turner said.

The authorities in Georgia have identified the suspect and are in the process of locating him. Turner said that charges will be pending “on both sides” of the state line.


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