Heflin City Council

At the Heflin City Council meeting Tuesday, council members Rhonda Lines and Shannon Roberts discuss an item of business.

HEFLIN In a meeting only lasting four minutes Tuesday night, the Heflin City Council unanimously voted for a resolution which allows the council to approve city employees’ overnight training and travel expenses.

The move comes after the city experienced a financial setback which forced it to borrow$200,000 to pay its bills last month. 

Heflin Councilman Shannon Roberts was pleased that the council will have a voice in controlling costs associated with the public’s money. 

“I’m glad, the purpose of it was basically just to help us stay on top of any expenditures and make sure we’re keeping track of the things and help us to be better stewards,” said Roberts after the meeting.

Roberts said he hopes the city will pass a permanent resolution which would make it standard procedure for the City Council to examine each vacancy that comes up, the goal being to determine whether that vacancy — in any of the city’s departments — needs to be refilled.

 Roberts said that cost-cutting measure is already in effect temporarily until the new budget is passed. 

Heflin’s new budget should be ready for approval by the council at the Oct. 22 meeting Heflin Mayor Rudy Rooks said last week. Rooks was not present at Tuesday night’s meeting.   

Roberts said the budget process is moving in the right direction.

Another measure that Roberts said might be adopted in the new city budget is to omit the category “restricted funds,” such as the gas tax, which is earmarked for road construction, and let the budget reflect categories the council has control over. 


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