Heflin Hill

Heflin resident Ellis Bennett told the Heflin City Council Tuesday of the blind-spot hazard, shown above, typically faced by motorists on a portion of Coleman Street.

HEFLIN — The Heflin City Council is considering closing a section of Coleman Street on account of the hazardous route there.

Heflin resident Ellis Bennett, who lives on Coleman Street, approached the council during a work session Tuesday night requesting the road be closed because he said it is a safety liability for everybody who travels on it.

“It’s too narrow and there’s a very bad blind spot,” Bennett said.

The portion of the road Bennett wants closed is from Almon Street to where the Cheaha Regional Library is located.

Heflin Mayor Rudy Rooks said he understood Bennett's concerns after the two drove on the road earlier in the day.

“As far as the traffic through there, the road being narrow, there is almost a blind vertical curve right at his driveway, it makes it a little tough coming out,” Rooks said.

Rooks was concerned if the road is closed it would cut off access and motorists would have to find other ways to navigate.

Besides closing the road, another option discussed by the council was to make the road a one-way thoroughfare.

If the road were to be closed, it would in effect become a private driveway for Bennett and the other landowners on the road. It would be up to the landowners and the Heflin street department to determine whether a barrier of some kind is constructed on the road at the end nearest the Cheaha Regional Library.

Heflin’s fire chief, Jonathan Adams, said if the road is closed, “I don’t think it would make a lot of difference for us.”

Heflin police Chief A.J. Benefield said he was in favor of closing the road and said at the most, response time to any calls from that road would only increase by 25 seconds.

The council will discuss the matter at next week’s regular meeting and Rooks said he would like to discuss the matter with the Cleburne County Commission.

In other business the council discussed making truck routes for trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds.

The council discussed purchasing more surveillance cameras for the Heflin Parks and Recreation department to be installed at the rec center and the city parks.

The council also discussed installing sidewalks from Cahulga Creek Apartments to downtown. Shane Smith, Heflin city clerk, said the city is working with the East Alabama Regional Planning And Development Commission to obtain a grant to fund the project.

The next two council meetings will be on June 11 and 25 at 5:30 p.m.

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