HEFLIN The City Council wasted no time Tuesday night in getting down to the business of civic improvement by passing a bevy of resolutions.

To achieve that goal, the City Council:

— Approved $6086.20 for two portable electronic signs that tell motorists how fast they’re moving. The point is to draw attention to that speed and encourage safer driving if it’s too fast. The money will come out of the Seven Cent Gas Tax Account.

— Approved $1,611.13 for a fence for Cahulga Creek Park to increase the parks beautification and enhancement of the entrance to the park.

— Voted to oppose any action by the Alabama Legislature that would restrict or remove municipal police or planning jurisdictions.

The council voted on all of the resolutions grouped together to save time.

Before the vote Councilman Shannon Roberts expressed his concern that the electronic speed signs expenditures were coming out of the gas tax fund. He asked the council to consider repaying the gas tax fund out of the general fund if possible.

Heflin Mayor Rudy Rooks said that if the budget allows it, the signs’ purchase can be reimbursed. Rooks said the budget will be evaluated next month.  

City Clerk Shane Smith read two ordinance amendments that will be voted on at the next council meeting later this month.

The first ordinance details the increase in the city’s garbage fees that will become effective in May.

For residents in the city limits the charge will be $14 per can per month. For residents in the city’s police jurisdiction the charge will be $17 per month per can. For businesses the charge will be $15 per can per month.

The second ordinance amends the city’s Cahulga Creek Park and lake rules.

The next meeting will be on March 26 at 5:30 p.m.

On March 25 there will be an infrastructure meeting at 9 a.m. at City Hall to discuss paving.


​Staff writer Bill Wilson: 256-235-3562. On Twitter @bwilson_star.