Cleburne election room

A crowd is shown gathered in a room at the Mountain Center Tuesday evening to hear election results read aloud by Jerry Paul Owen, former circuit clerk.

HEFLIN — The night belonged to the incumbents in Cleburne County Tuesday as the final votes were tallied and announced to a crowd gathered at the Mountain Center.

Cleburne County Sheriff Dennis Green was one of those who prevailed against a challenger, in his case Danny Turner, a Heflin police officer. Green will start his second term as sheriff in January.

“I feel great. I’m going to do mostly like I’ve always done. I’m going to make sure the people come first. Somebody calls, we’re going to find out what their problem is and try to help them with it,” Green said while surrounded by friends and supporters on the deck of the Mountain Center.

“I want to thank all my supporters and my wife and all these deputies — they do the job — I think that’s a reflection on the totals we got tonight,” Green said.

Probate Judge Ryan Robertson defeated Lane Kilgore and will start his fourth term in January.

“I feel great. I’m happy, I’m very fortunate,” Robertson said as he shook hands and shared hugs with friends and family.

Robertson said he wanted to thank Jesus Christ, his wife, Missie, his family and the “good folks of Cleburne County.”

Robertson said he plans to do the best job he possibly can and to help and serve the people during the next six years.

Cleburne County Commissioner Terry Hendrix won District 3 for his second term by beating Michael Gore.

“I’m glad we won and I appreciate all the people that came out and voted for me and I guess they sorta like what we done in the last three years. I thank everybody,” Hendrix said.

“Anytime you win something it’s always good and I’m glad the people are behind me,” Hendrix said.

Cleburne County Commissioner Emmett Owen won his third term by beating Robby Brown.

“I want to try to get more funding for roads and bridges — that’s a big problem here in Cleburne County — I want to continue to create jobs,” Owen said.

Owen commended his opponent for staying positive during the campaign and never having a bad word to say.

Cleburne County Circuit Clerk Warren Sarrell defeated challenger Robert Campbell. Sarrell was appointed to circuit clerk in 2015 with the retirement of then-Circuit Clerk Jerry Paul Owen. Earlier in the evening Sarrell and his wife, Astin, were outside the Mountain Center glued to their phones as voting results came in.

Sarrell said he wanted to thank his wife and the residents of Cleburne County. He said he felt blessed and it was a “big sigh of relief” to win.

Laura Cobb beat Tim Sprayberry for the State Republican Executive Committee Cleburne County Place No. 1.

“I feel good that the people came out and supported me,” Cobb said.

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