HEFLIN —  The Cleburne County E911 Board met briefly Tuesday to cancel the November meeting and change the date of the December meeting.

Corey Cochran, board chairman, said he had a conflict on Nov. 15, when the November meeting was scheduled. He asked the other board members if they had any objections to canceling the meeting. Cochran also noted that the December meeting was scheduled for the week of Christmas and suggested they reschedule it for the week before on Dec. 13. Both changes were unanimously passed by the board members.

Crystal Cavender, director of 911, told the board members that the employees of the 911 department were grateful for the raise they received.

“When you haven’t gotten one in so long it really is a morale booster,” Cavender said.

In addition, she said after attending a conference in Orange Beach last week, she is looking into implementing some new health and wellness initiatives for the department.

For instance, day shift staff are now required to go somewhere else to eat their lunch rather than eating at their desk, Cavender said. Those staffers typically are seated for 12-hour shifts answering calls.

The next scheduled meeting is Dec. 13, 6 p.m. at the Cleburne County Mountain Center.

Staff writer Laura Camper: 256-235-3545 or, in Heflin, 256-463-2872. On Twitter @LCamper_Star.