Cleburne County icy roads

A truck passes over a bridge on County Road 84 in Cleburne County.  (Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star.)


HEFLIN — Cleburne County Schools will be closed on Friday according to Superintendent Chad Young. He explained that even though the sun was out all day on Thursday, not enough ice had melted in the shady sections of secondary and less traveled roads where buses have to go.

By noon Thursday the streets of downtown Heflin were bustling with traffic once again as a combination of sunlight and warmer temperatures had melted all the ice and snow which accumulated Tuesday night.

Cleburne County Emergency Management Director Crystal Cavender said that County Roads 24 and 49 still had icy patches on them.

“Temperatures are supposed to go above freezing in the 40s today so we’re hoping that — and anticipating that — most of the ice will thaw,” Cavender said.

There were no reports of any injuries from vehicle accidents Tuesday or Wednesday — only a few stranded motorists — Cavender said.

“Everyone heeded the warnings and stayed home. Travel was non-existent Tuesday and Wednesday,” Cavender said.

Heflin police Chief A.J. Benefield said that a few motorists slipped off the road but no accident reports were filed Tuesday or Wednesday.

Benefield said the Heflin’s roads were officially opened 9:30 Thursday morning.

“Our local people kinda heeded the bad weather and the ones that did get out drove sensibly and carefully,” Benefield said.

Benefield said that the police department did take nursing home workers to and from work on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Staff writer and photographer Bill Wilson: 256-235-3544. On Twitter: @BWilson_Star