Cleburne commission

A session of the Cleburne County Commission hears remarks from a county resident Monday night who says rough roads have led to repair bills on his vehicle.

HEFLIN Ed Traylor brought his car repair bill with him to the Cleburne County Commission meeting Monday night, claiming the rough road he travels every day caused the damage — and he wants the county to pay the bill.

“It’s just tearing my car all to pieces,” Traylor told the commissioners.

Traylor said he asked the commission five years ago to please repair County Road 663. 

“The road is still in terrible shape. I’m just here to try to see if I can get an answer when something is going to be done to it,” said Traylor.

Commissioner Laura Cobb told Traylor the county just bought new road equipment to resolve the issues with the pothole-marred county roads. Machinery known as an asphalt distributor won’t be put into use right away, however. 

County engineer Lee Estes said it’s too late in the year to resurface the road due to the weather, so Traylor will have to wait until next spring for relief.

“I am extremely pleased to have this in my toolbox. It’s a great asset to improve our county roads,” Estes said about the equipment which the road department acquired two weeks ago. 

Estes said that in the interim before the road is fixed, motorists will have to drive a speed safe for the road conditions — to which Traylor replied, “five miles per hour.”

“What do we do in the meantime every time I get a car repair bill?” asked Traylor.

Estes said he can bring in the bills but the county is not paying for any repairs.

Traylor left his car repair bill with Ryan Robertson, Cleburne County Commission Chairman, which he said was for a front end alignment.

 In other business the commission voted to approve the E911 agreement for the county’s fiscal year 2020 dispatching fees which include a five percent increase over last year’s annual fee.

The commission also passed its consent agenda, which included the following:

— Reappointed Mary Thomas and Suzanne Payne to the DHR Board.

— Appointed Lisa Milinkovich to the DHR Board.

— Approved Kim Brown, Cleburne County Chief Finance Administrator to seek bids for prisoner housing supplies.


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