FRUITHURST — Things got a little batty at Fruithurst Elementary school as teachers and students arrived Monday morning.  

An unknown number of bats had taken up roost in the school’s classrooms and halls, which forced the school’s closure until Wednesday, according to a Cleburne County school administrator.

Cleburne County School Superintendent Chad Young said Monday that maintenance personnel were removing the winged mammals.

Young said several bats had already been caught and the decision was made to close the school Monday morning.

“We didn't want one of them (students) to be hit by a bat or to pick up a bat or something that might cause them to be more alarmed than necessary,” Young said.

Monday’s bat infestation and school closure was the first such incident Young said he could remember for a Cleburne County school.  

About a half mile from the school, students Micah Wooten and his brother Isaac were out in their yard cleaning up. Micah’s enthusiasm to be out of school was tempered by the fact that he and his brother had chores to do, but he recalled a moment when the animals were discovered.  

“Down the hall I heard one of my teachers screaming and he said ‘there’s a bat,’ and then a few minutes later we saw a bat in our classroom,” Micah said.

Isaac agreed with his brother, and said that doing chores was not that fun.  

“I didn't see any bats but I heard scratching noises inside the ceiling, but I heard one of our teachers scream down the hall,” Isaac said.  The students were told to go to the lunchroom and were dismissed at 10:45 a.m.