law honors

The scene Thursday at the Calhoun County Courthouse at a reception honoring two key figures in the district attorney's office

Tears fell Thursday afternoon as Oxford City Councilwoman Charlotte Hubbard read a proclamation honoring District Attorney Brian McVeigh for becoming president of the Alabama District Attorneys Association.

Hubbard spoke briefly of her late husband and previous district attorney, Joe Hubbard.

“Your husband gave me this job,” McVeigh said to her later. “He mentored me, and was the greatest lawyer I’ve ever met. Since he gave me this job, I’ve tried to do everything in my power to pay honor to what he gave me.”

McVeigh is the district attorney for the 7th Judicial Circuit and has served as both treasurer and vice president of the Alabama District Attorneys Association. He will serve as president for 2017-18.

According to McVeigh, as president he will preside over quarterly meetings with the other district attorneys in the state. They will discuss laws and where the association as a whole stands on them. He also will deal with the legislature and be available for any questions anyone may have.

“Overall somebody has to lead the group, and that would be my role this year.”

In attendance was Anniston Mayor Jack Draper, who called McVeigh a “man of principle and intelligence” and thanked him for his service to Anniston.

Also present was Oxford Mayor Alton Craft who told McVeigh that he appreciated all that he did for Oxford.

“You truly go beyond what it means to serve,” Craft said.

One of McVeigh’s investigators, Chris Hughes, also was honored for winning an award as investigator of the year.

“Chris has earned it,” McVeigh said of Hughes. “He was with the Sheriff’s Office before he came with us and he is a great investigator. It’s a well-deserved honor.”

Hughes currently serves as the deputy chief investigator under McVeigh. He has been with the district attorney’s office since 2006.

“I’m humbled by it. Very honored,” Hughes said. “I work for and with a great group of people, and to be chosen by my peers, it’s just an honor.”

McVeigh thanked everyone in the offices of the Calhoun County Courthouse for their support. He said that without everyone working as a team none of it would be possible.

“Everybody has worked hard to make this happen,” McVeigh said. “So this is not really just about me. It has a lot to do with people like Chris and people within the office that go the extra mile every day.”