Officials with the Talladega National Forest today announced that crews would burn 300 acres about three miles north of Delta.

A news release from the forest’s Shoal Creek Ranger District said Forest Service Road 512 would form a boundary for much of the burning, and officials with the agency urged drivers to use caution while traveling in that area.

The wind is expected to carry the smoke to the north toward county roads 3, 24 and 49 in the Abel area, according to the release.  Smoke will be visible from Alabama 9 and Alabama 281 as well as county roads 49 and 3. As the temperatures cool later today, the release states, the smoke may begin to settle in the Chulafinnee area and some settling may occur down Armstrong Creek toward Alabama 9. Some settling may also occur around the general area of the burn.  

Anyone with questions should call the Talladega Fire Dispatch at 256-362-7000.