Depot Media Day

Workers in the Small Arms division refurbish M14 rifles. The Anniston Army Depot held it's annual Media Day tour Thursday. Photo by Trent Penny/The Anniston Star

The Anniston Army Depot plans to hire more than 100 workers and give permanent jobs to more than 100 current employees this spring.

Phillip Trued, chief of staff at the depot, said Friday that the facility would hold a job fair March 31 to hire the workers. The depot also plans to make 145 term workers permanent employees by April 1, he said. The depot is fast-tracking the hires to help with existing work and expected jumps in workload over the next two years, one military expert says.

The depot refurbishes vehicles and small arms for the U.S. military and some foreign governments. Its current workforce is around 2,700 government civilians, four military personnel and 680 contractors.

The job fair is expected to be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., though that time might change, Trued said, at the depot gymnasium. Anyone interested can simply show up at the gym to apply. The plan is to have more than 100 new permanent and term employees hired by May 27.

Term employees are hired for up to four years, but can become permanent workers. The depot currently has about 290 term employees.

“We need industrial employees, such as sand blasters and for artillery repair, heavy mobile equipment repair and small arms repair,” Trued said. “And we need professional employees like mechanical and civil engineers and chemists.”

Nathan Hill, military liaison for the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, said the new workers and extra permanent workers are needed to meet existing and future workload demands.

Hill said depot employees are working lots of overtime to keep up with current demands. Also, the depot is projecting greater workloads through 2019, Hill said.

“There’s increases in foreign military sales for combat vehicles,” Hill said. “And there’s also an effort to modernize the existing U.S. fleet of combat vehicles.”

Trued said the depot is able to hire new employees faster than usual because of approval given in National Defense Authorization Act for the 2018 fiscal year. The act specifies the annual spending for the U.S. Department of Defense.

“It gave us direct hiring authority this year,” Trued said. “That dramatically shortens the hiring process.” 

Staff writer Patrick McCreless: 256-235-3561. On Twitter @PMcCreless_Star.