Property developers for Quintard Mall are making plans for more demolition early next year to pave the way for development of seven outward facing shops and some outparcel properties.

Even though they weren't building guns and tanks to win the war against Japan, Anniston industries had a part to play in the war production effort -- as long as they could get enough bodies on the production lines to do the work needed.

The farm’s owner, Taylor Gibbs, wrote in a note to an Anniston Star reporter that the festival had been in the works for two months. Her goal in hosting the event was to stress the importance of buying local and to support small businesses

Anniston will refinance bonds and warrants at lower interest rates to save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars after a Tuesday night vote, though City Council members quarreled over the resolution — or at least the perceived issues surrounding it. 

When they arrived, they were greeted with free lunch, including barbecue and sandwiches. Tablecloths with blue stripes, toy police cars and mini traffic cones decorated the tables. Turner said officers could get door prizes and gift cards. 

In 1945 Anniston law allowed the establishment of colonies of trailer-dwellers in town, as long as they maintained certain standards of cleanliness. One at 20th and Noble streets apparently did not.

Alabama's unemployment rate dropped to 7.5 percent in June, with Calhoun County's unemployment rate falling to 9.4 percent, according to numbers released Friday morning by the Alabama Department of Labor. 

The city is coming up on an anniversary, and The Star is coming up on an open-house for an expanded plant, and the editorial writer is happy about what those developments mean.

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