Jacksonville State University sent email alerts to students Tuesday with words of caution about recent thefts in the area.

Three vehicle break-ins occurred off-campus near West Mountain Street, adjacent to the only dorm open for JSU students attending school this summer, said campus police Chief Shawn Giddy.

The thefts occurred on Monday, and Jacksonville police handled the calls. Efforts to reach Jacksonville police officials Wednesday were unsuccessful.  

“A lot of kids tend to leave things in plain view,” Giddy said. “We are reemphasizing that they need to secure their vehicles.”

All too often, Giddy said, students neglect to lock their cars. Would-be thieves generally avoid breaking into vehicles because of accompanying noises like car alarms or breaking glass, he said.

However, students who leave their possessions visible in unlocked vehicles present criminals with an opportunity too good to pass up, he said. Giddy also mentioned that the campus alert will prompt students to be on the lookout for criminal activity in the future.

“If it’s something we think students could help prevent, of course we will send a notification out,” Giddy said.

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