On September 1 in

1715 Following a reign of 72 years, King Louis XIV of France died four days before his 77th birthday.

1878 A woman was employed for the first time as a telephone operator, supposedly because the male operators were rude to customers.

1896 Chop suey was concocted and served in the United States for the first time. To the man who created it, it was just “hash.”

1902 The Georges Melies  short film "Le Voyage dans la lune" (A Trip to the Moon) opened in France.

1923 The Japanese cities of Tokyo and Yokohama were devastated by an earthquake that claimed some 140,000 lives.

1972 American Bobby Fischer won the international chess crown in Reykjavik, Iceland, as Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union resigned before the resumption of Game 21.

In The Star

September 1, 1939, in The Star: Many residents already stirred to worry by news of Germany’s attack on the Polish border today were likely further alarmed by the sight of tanks from the Fourth Tank Company of Fort McClellan. The big machines rumbled along the Bankhead Highway to Leeds and back as part of a training exercise that had been scheduled several days earlier. “It was coincidental,” the article states, “that the German-Poland conflict broke out only a few hours before the scheduled time [for the tanks] to leave Fort McClellan.” Also this date: Local people needing news of international events probably absorbed this announcement with interest: “The Anniston Star has completed arrangements to keep its readers informed of rapidly moving developments in the undeclared European war through the broadcasting facilities of WHMA. Hourly bulletins will be furnished the station from the United Press, while if anything of great importance develops between scheduled broadcasts special bulletins will be given.”

Sept. 1, 1989, in The Star: Cheaha Cinemas, Calhoun County's oldest movie theater, will close after the Labor Day weekend, the victim of increased competition for the filmgoer's dollar. ''We're just not making enough money,'' said Jennifer McWhorter, manager of the Cheaha for about one month. She said she was told about the closing by officials from the business’s owner, United Artists, which decided Monday, Sept. 4, would be the final day of operation. When the Cheaha opened, it was the county's first non-drive-in movie theater outside of downtown Anniston. The Cheaha was also the first theater in the county to offer rocking chair seats and stereo sound. Also this date: Enrollment for the new academic year at Jacksonville State University today reached 8,000, an all-time high, and three days of registration remain. Not surprisingly, the residential situation in Jacksonville and vicinity is tight: 70 male students are being temporarily placed in Salls Hall, an athletic dorm, because there’s no place else for them.

Birthdays for September 1

Conductor Seiji Ozawa is 79. Attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz is 76. Comedian-actress Lily Tomlin is 75. Conductor Leonard Slatkin is 70. Singer Archie Bell is 70. Singer Barry Gibb is 68. Talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw is 64. Singer Gloria Estefan is 57. Retired NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway is 48. Actor Scott Speedman is 39. Danish web video star Alex Holtti (known for work on Vine) is 20