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HIS NAME was William Alexander Nestor and he was 91 years old when he died back on March 20.

His obit in The Star was pretty much standard. It told you, among other things, that he was a Pearl Harbor survivor, a decorated veteran of the Korean War, and had worked 22 years at the Anniston Army Depot.

Do a bit of math and Nestor was a kid of 18 years when Japan came calling in a surprise attack. He was not the only 18-year-old in World War II.

T Joyce (and that’s it, just T), whose late husband, Paul, was also a Pearl Harbor survivor, called me to say he was also the local chaplain for the local Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

“There’s just one remaining now that I know of,” says T. “There were some who never joined the association so I really don’t know for sure.”

The one remaining is George Murray, who is in his 92nd year.

“We met once a month for lunch somewhere,” says T of the group’s closeness.

Heroes all ... and leaving much to quickly.


I LOVE it when readers write my column for me. Makes this “job” a wee bit easier and the following email touches on a reference recently to the Ephesus, Turkey, Souvenir Shop that advertised “Genuine Fake Watches.”

From the email (I’m changing a name to protect the guilty):

“Back when my brother was still drinking, outside a liquor store in Palo Alto (Calif.) he bought his wife a beautiful Seiko watch with diamonds and all. She loved it until it stopped a few days later.

“He carried it to a watch tinker. ‘This isn’t a Seiko,’ the tinker said and Brother asked him how he knew. ‘Seikos don’t have diamonds.’

“Looks like a man with a Ph.D. in engineering mechanics from Stanford University in Palo Alto would know not to buy anything outside a liquor store.”

You have to love that one ... and I’m withholding the sender’s name, too.


QUOTABLE: “Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law.”

      — Hubert H. Humphrey


JANNEY FURNACE has the welcome mat out Saturday and Sunday.

The Ohatchee park will be the site of a War Between the States re-enactments both days. That’s the headliner, but tour guides will take you around for history lessons on the Civil War furnace.

There will also be a Saturday night ball at the  park’s barn.

It’s a good deal, people. Everything’s free except food and drink and there will be vendors on hand for such.

Have fun.


BIRTHDAYS: Mar. 31 – Lauren Holder; Apr. 3 – Margaret Newman.


TOP TEEN: Meet Maddy Gohike, a senior at Sacred Heart Catholic School where she carries a perfect 4.0 GPA. That, friends, has earned her Valedictorian honors for the Class of 2014.

Maddy is a member of the Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and senior representative in the SGA.

She is on the Writers Bowl team and actively involved in voice and acting. A soprano, Maddy has participated in All-State voice for the past three seasons.

Holder of a Spirit of Auburn Presidential Scholarship, she is also a National Merit finalist.

“Maddy is the type of student who always goes above and beyond her class assignments to gain further knowledge,” says Chris Hill, senior government teacher.

Proud parents are Kirk and Carol Gohike of Weaver.

Some applause ...


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