WEDNESDAY’S LIST ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


DO YOU BELIEVE in fairy tales?

I’ve got one for you ... Ken Joiner says he is retiring.

Been to that rodeo before, but this one is no fairy tale. As of Dec. 31, Joiner leaves his county administrator seat, marking the end of 43 years of the best service to this county of anyone ever.

I’ve written that before, too.

From that column:

“Ken Joiner may be the best public servant you’ve never met.”

Not only did he do his job superbly, he did it quietly. In his own  words:

“It’s just a matter of doing what your momma and daddy told you to do, to be honest about it.”


“I’ve held my tongue many a time when I felt I should have said something, but in the long run, being diplomatic and getting commissioners one on one, you can normally work through a problem that produces results for everybody.”

An amazing bit of Joiner’s 43 years is he not only survived in the sometimes turbulent politics of his post, but did so with no more than a few members running on getting rid of Ken Joiner.

Within a month or two, those same commissioners were solidly in Ken Joiner’s fan club. Another re-quote from Joiner:

“There is a time to speak up, a time to keep your mouth shut ... I let the county commissioners vent.”

Former county commissioner Eli Henderson, who was among those who kept  pushing Joiner to hold off on retirement, said it best:

“He’s the glue that holds us together.”

That was in ’02 ... so now, a really hard one: Who’s going to be the glue now?

Filling Ken Joiner’s shoes will  be one tough job for whomever.


YOU SAY someone is tailgating you?

Here’s a tip. Don’t pump your brakes ’cause you could get slammed from behind. Instead, turn on your blinker lights, right or left doesn’t matter.

The tailgater will back off.

The reason I know that is a guy in a green pickup on Lenlock Lane did that to me this week. I backed away.


THERE’S nothing any uglier than a yard coming out of winter. Grass is still dead, weeds Auburn can’t identify crowd the yard, the hedges down the driveway took a hit back during The Great Antarctic winter that hit here a few weeks back. That’s a short list.

In surveying the winter’s damage two things came to mind:

1. A house is where you keep throwing money (lots of it) in a sump hole.

2. Something said by the late Jerry Pinkston, one of my best friends ever, is worth a replay: “If I ever have another house you’ll be able to cut the grass with scissors.”


QUOTABLE: “Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him.”

                 -- Groucho Marx                              


BIRTHDAYS: April 17 – Neal Vaughn; April 19 – Holden Willingham; April 20 – Carol Willingham; April 22 – Katlin Watson; April 23 – Nolen Sims; April 24 – J.C. Pope; April 25 – Elton Couch, Eva Jane Cole, and Joan Cordle.


TOP TEEN: Meet Hannah Shaw, a senior at Wellborn High School where her 3.92 GPA is second in her class and means she will deliver the salutatorian’s address at graduation this spring.

Hannah is vice-president of her class, in Youth Leadership Calhoun County, on the Scholars Bowl and Math Teams.

And when the Wellborn band is out front, young Miss Saw is captain of the dance line.

From senior counselor, Shaa’ Bolt, comes, “She is a bright young lady with much leadership and determination.”


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