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Super soaked: Anniston has had 50 percent more rain this year than average

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Anniston has seen 50 percent more rain than its average per year, according to the National Weather Service. 

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service say Anniston has had 50 percent higher rainfall than average for this time of the year. 

According to Meteorologist Gerald Satterwhite from the National Weather Service’s Calera office, Anniston has had a total observed rainfall of 46.5 inches, 15 inches above the January to July average. 

Satterwhite said the data aligns closely with the city’s previous 1946 record of 47 inches, which was broken in 2013. The current record is 52.32 inches. 

According to Satterwhite, there was significant accumulation of rain over the span of a few days in February and March and a few summer storms that have added to that total from day to day. 

“We have not had any significant flooding or anything associated with that, so that’s the good news,” Satterwhite said. “While it’s been above normal there hasn’t been any real downsides of that.”

Satterwhite said in the coming weeks the area could see its usual 30 to 40 percent chance of rain, but those chances may drop early next week due to a hurricane near the Bahamas.

“Hurricane Isaias over near the Bahamas will be going up the east coast,” Satterwhite said. “So we usually get some sinking air and drier conditions on the back side of those.”