Star mail-in survey to gauge Ward 4 support for deannexation


Surveys being distributed by The Anniston Star seek to gather the views of residents on splitting Ward 4 and some other neighborhoods out of the city.

The Anniston Star has commissioned a survey intended to help gauge public sentiment on a proposal to split Anniston’s Ward 4 and other areas from the rest of the city.

This summer, The Star learned of an effort to accomplish that split and join Ward 4 and parts of Ward 1 and Ward 3 to Oxford instead. Proponents hope to have a bill introduced in the Legislature to achieve their goal, though leaders in both cities say they are opposed.

The Star would like to know what residents of the affected areas think of the proposal, and have asked Jacksonville State University's Center for Economic Development for help with a survey. Subscribers in those areas will find the survey, on yellow paper, in Wednesday’s Star newspaper; just fill it out and drop it in the mail in the included envelope. Residents who don’t receive a copy can fill one out at The Anniston Star, 4305 McClellan Blvd., as long as they have proof of residency, such as a driver’s license or a power bill.

Respondents who include their name and address on the back of the survey will be entered in a random drawing for a free Apple Watch. The completed surveys must be received by JSU by Oct. 15.

Once the surveys are compiled, The Star will report on the results. Keep reading to find out what some of your neighbors think, and be sure to fill out your survey so your voice is counted.