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Look Back ... to a speedy reconversion process, 1945


Auburn football star Bo Jackson made an injured Oxford boy's life a little better, readers learned in this front-page story on Saturday morning, Sept. 14, 1985.

Sept. 14, 1945, in The Star: America today sped into her second month of peace, we’re told in an AP story about reconversion. The new phase of reconversion is here, as evidenced by businessmen and working men taking the reins from government. All rations but sugar might end this year. Scarce clothes are due back in 60 days or so. Most travel curbs are off this weekend. Meat rationing might be eased further by October 1 and lifted entirely soon after. Fats and oils for cooking are very scarce now, but might be freely available by the end of the year. The War Production Board reports reconversion running two to three weeks ahead of schedule, while the makers of washers, refrigerators, automobiles and other such signs of good living are still sending optimistic reports to Washington. However, they say the OPA’s rigid price policy hampers them.  

Sept. 14, 1995, in The Star: Now that three members of the Anniston City Council are determined to remove City Manager Tom Wright, many are wondering who will fill the post. So far, two names have surfaced as Wright’s possible replacement — deputy city manager Gene Cornett and Main Street’s director, Scott Barksdale. Neither is especially enthusiastic about the idea, however.