March 14, 1943, in The Star: Thousands of people, young and old, black and white, mounted the steps to the catwalk and peered into the intricate interior of a midget, battery-powered Japanese submarine on display all day yesterday on 11th Street just west of Noble. Admission price for the view was a minimum purchase of War Stamps. Also this date: Announcement from Washington that the National Housing Agency yesterday approved 350 privately financed family units for Anniston elated local Chamber of Commerce officials and building contractors. These entities have worked together long and hard to get federal sanction of a renewed building program. War workers will get first call on the new dwellings, with other residents falling into line behind them. Additionally: Cadet Robert “Rabbit” Jordan, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jordan of 305 West 19th Street, was called to active duty as an air cadet at Miami Beach, Fla., by the Army Air Force back in February, while he was a student at Georgia Tech. He’s also a married man, having become the husband of Miss Virginia Weathers during the Christmas holidays. He was a star athlete during his relatively recent days at Anniston High School.

March 14, 1993, in The Star: Due to the blizzard conditions of this date, this edition doesn’t exist in archives. Rather, the normal material of Sunday, March 14, was combined with material of Monday, March 15, and all delivered on Tuesday. The three days of missed delivery Saturday, Sunday and Monday marked the first time The Star had missed a delivery date since 1961.