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City releases regulations for certain debris pickup

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The city of Anniston recently released regulations for the pickup of debris items which are not household garbage that’s picked up separately. 

Anniston residents who violate the new citywide debris policy, which was adopted June 1, may receive a door hanger notice that explains why certain items were not picked up. 

The reasons items might not be picked up by the Anniston street department include:

— Items were not properly separated. 

— Leaves are not separated from other items. 

— Contractor debris or waste.

—  Commercial account.

—  Non-approved items.

—  Debris is in the street. 

According to the city, debris is defined as any loose natural material consisting especially of trees, leaves and grass. 

Debris for pick up should be placed in a clear area; not around or under utility boxes, power, cable or telephone lines; not under trees or near fences; and not under or around traffic or street signs. Never place items in storm drains, ditches, or culverts.

 Non-approved items, which street department will not pick up, include:

—  Tires

—  Household waste

—  Rocks and dirt

—  Concrete

—  Concrete block

—  Brick

—  Roofing materials

—  Construction materials

—  Sheetrock

— Paint cans

— Pesticides

— Furniture

— Hazardous waste of any kind (including batteries, corrosives)

—  Mixed materials (brush and leaves must be separated by 3 feet to be picked up).

To have appliances picked up, the person discarding it will need to get an Appliance Removal Tag. These tags may be purchased through the Anniston Public Works Department by calling: 256-231-7742.

— For non-freon appliances the tag costs $5.

—  For freon appliances the tag costs $28.

 Debris collection is not trash collection, according to the street department. 

Printed information was recently mailed out to Anniston residents detailing all of the guidelines.