A bail bondsman accused of harassing a client said his his license was reinstated Wednesday afternoon, though the charge against him is pending.

Circuit Judge Brian Howell in June suspended the license of bondsman John Kennedy Robinson, 55, pending the outcome of a case in which Robinson was charged with harassing communications in May. That charge is the latest in multiple reports that Robinson solicited sexual favors in exchange for bond payment; Robinson ultimately was acquitted in earlier cases.

Robinson, manager of Chris and John Bail Bonding, said his license was reinstated Wednesday.

“I got a call from my attorney that Judge Howell issued an order to reinstate my bail bond privilege,” Robinson said Thursday. “I don’t know all the facts and all details, but I would assume that they got the facts together that I was falsely accused.”

Robinson was arrested in May on a harassment and harassing communications charge and later released on a $500 bond. Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said the case is ongoing.

The bondsman said the charge and license suspension have tarnished his reputation and hurt his business by preventing him from taking on new clients.

Robinson called the May report a “copycat,” claiming the woman who filed the complaint has made no payments on her bond and lied to avoid doing so.

Similar harassment complaints against Robinson appeared in July 2015 and February 2017. Robinson was found guilty of the harassment charge in Anniston municipal court, but then appealed, hired an attorney and was found not guilty in circuit court. Robinson was also found not guilty of harassment and harassing communications charges in a May 2017 non-jury trial.

Robinson said he’s angry with the sheriff and other local authorities, saying he believes they have “an axe to grind” with him.

“I just thank God that I got back reinstated, that Judge Howell looked at the facts and the evidence that this girl was lying on me and had been the whole time,” Robinson said.

The sheriff said controversy seems to surround Robinson in different areas.

“There are many reasons why cases go one way or another.” Wade said Friday of Robinson’s reported reinstatement. “Howell said he would have to reinstate. We just desire business owners, especially bondsmen, to conduct themselves in a way the public expects.”

Robinson said courts should follow Howell’s lead in the license reinstatement and dismiss the case. Attempts to reach Howell on Thursday and Friday were unsuccessful.

“I’m not mad at Judge Howell; please be sure and clear that,” Robinson said Thursday. “Once Judge Howell got the facts and evidence that were presented to him, he ended this charade.”