Anniston Board of Education increases substitute teacher pay

The Anniston Board of Education voted Tuesday afternoon to increase the salaries of substitute teachers in the district.

Superintendent Ray Hill said the board increased their salaries, which have ranged from $55 to $65 a day, to between $65 and $80. He said the increase matched “the highest-paid area” around Anniston and should hopefully draw more substitutes to the school system.

“If you’ve got a retired teacher, and you say, ‘Can you come in a couple of days a week?, $55 a day,” Hill said. “If they’re driving in from Ohatchee you have to start thinking can you really pull them in with that?”

During the meeting, the board voted to rescind a previous salary increase for substitutes that had passed at a previous meeting. He said after the Tuesday meeting that had to be done due to a clerical error.

“Basically, we had a salary increase and one of the numbers was incorrect,” Hill said.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, chairs were spaced feet apart from each other at the meeting and only about 10 people, including board members, were allowed in the room.

The board also voted to take items concerning attendance and field trips off the agenda, as schools have been closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

The board also voted to approve several “personnel recommendations.” Hill said the only one he could talk about publicly was the approval of six teachers and a principal who had turned in paperwork for their retirement.