If there’s one thing rescue groups all agree they never have enough of, it’s adoptions. Kingston is one of the lucky ones who found his forever home with the help of Piper’s Rescue.

It didn’t matter that she had three dogs at home already when “this little bitty puffball with a rattail” due to ringworm was brought in last fall, says Piper’s trainer April List. “He barely made it in the door before I said, ‘I’ll take him! I’ll foster him!’”  

It wasn’t long before the spitz-shepherd mix puppy, who’d been found crying in a cardboard box on the side of I-20, was a permanent member of the List pack.

“He’s my wild child,” says the doting dog mom whose youngest furbaby loves nothing more than to pester his rescue siblings, go jogging with mom and tag along with her to work where he’s always the center of attention at doggie daycare. “He keeps everybody running and playing — he’s the life of the party.”