Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is an annual tribute to the American worker whose contributions deserve recognition as they help to strengthen our nation.

This past Monday, we celebrated. Tuesday, we went on strike. Against what?

Against the unrealistic demands of an age-old etiquette rule of fashion. We’re striking against “No white after Labor Day.”

Contrary to popular belief, the day after Labor Day does not mark the end of summer. According to the 2013 calendar, we can don our summer whites until Sept. 21 — or as long as we wish to do so.

So we will not be putting away our white linen apparel, white jeans, white accessories and white nail polish. In fact, here at Nappy Model Inc. we’re starting another tradition. We are wearing all white in September to show our opposition to this outdated rule and for other job and life related improvements.

Demand 1:

We’re striking for a three-day work week — 24 hours is enough time away from home and family. If the job can’t be completed in three days, oh well, there’s always next week.

Demand 2:

We’re striking for convenient parking spaces for stiletto wearers — right next to the spots for expectant women. Our feet get tired and achy too — where’s our easy access parking?

Demand 3:

We’re striking for revisions to corporate dress code policies that include leggings and midthigh-length leather shorts. Come on. Besides, if you have “no overalls without an undershirt” listed as a “don’t” on your company dress code, it’s time to seriously consider an update.

Demand 4:

We’re striking for… who knows? It’s a girl’s prerogative change her mind, and that includes picket-line demands. So go ahead and bring out the white tanks, white sundresses, white jackets, white sunglasses and white purses. We have women joining us in this event and since we will be assembled for a good cause, is a glass of white wine in order?