As we go through life, some things seem certain. We women are always trying out new ways to change our bodies and appearance, never really giving the genetic thing much thought. It can be hard to understand why the person on the treadmill next to us can get by with a 15 minute, 2.5 mph stroll while we sweat like a pig on a 15 hill with no results.

But as hard as we try to fight and mold our bodies, at some point we must realize that our body type was set long before we had a breath. Our body type is certainly affected by what we do or, better yet, what we don’t do. But how much do our bodies look just like our mom or dad? Probably more than we ever thought.

There are three basic body types that have been described in science going back to 1940: endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. It is possible to be a combo of two different types, and it can be helpful to know which type you are so you can train smarter.

1. Endomorph. Folks with an endomorph body type are rounder and softer in appearance. They may have a larger bone structure, a slower metabolism and a tendency to gain fat easily. Females with this body type tend to be curvy like Jennifer Lopez. YOUR WORKOUT: An endo body should up the cardio, but still continue to do weights.

2. Ectomorph. The opposite of the endomorph is the small-frame, small-boned ectomorph. Those with ectomorph body types appear pretty straight with small shoulders and a small chest. They have a lot of lean muscle, which contributes to a faster metabolism. Females may look similar to Cameron Diaz. YOUR WORKOUT: Ecto bodies do not need as much cardio and can get by with shorter bouts of interval training, although chances are they are runners or bikers.

3. Mesomorph. Last but not least is the mesomorph body type, and athletic body that’s naturally thin with broad shoulders. Those with mesomorph bodies look lean and strong, usually with a V-shape appearance — the classic athlete. An example of this type is Mark Wahlberg or Serena and Venus Williams. YOUR WORKOUT: Meso bodies should do a medium amount of cardio and keep up the strength training to keep their shape and high metabolism.

Yes, your body may change somewhat over the course of a lifetime but it’s best to accept your body type and work to play off those strengths. Our bodies are a part of who we are and who we come from, and no matter what our type, it is still possible to be the best type we can be.