When dog mom Taylor Haynes first laid eyes on Cocoa at the Red Desert Humane Society, “it was true love,” she says.

Cocoa, who was found with his family in an abandoned trailer in the middle of the desert, had been waiting at the Wyoming rescue since being sprung from the pound just two days before his time was up.

Taylor, who had just left home to move across the country for her husband’s job, was there volunteering when the “Heinz 57” came in for his grooming.

“He sat in my lap and looked up at me with these soulful eyes,” she recalls, “and I just knew, this is my soul mate.”

When Taylor returned home, shaggy soul mate in tow, she discovered — aside from his penchant for cheese puffs — the desert dog was really a Southern gentleman at heart, keeping his mom’s dance card filled every morning.

“He puts his paws up in the air and dances around while I’m getting ready,” she explained. “We even nicknamed him Dancer.”