Don’t let the name fool you — Ares may share his moniker with the Greek god of war, but this 2-year-old chocolate-colored pit bull is a lover, not a fighter.

Unless you’re talking about a certain red plastic toy. Then all bets are off.

“I don’t know what it is about that thing but he doesn’t want to let it go,” says dog dad Kirk George, especially if dad’s watching. “He’ll look back to see if I’m looking — he likes to show off.”

Ares’ weakness for chewtoys and attention aside, these Oxford boys seem to be inadvertent ambassadors for bully breeds everywhere they go.

“People see this guy with tattoos walk up with a pit bull, then they see he gets along with other dogs. He’s good with kids,” explained Kirk. “I think it helps a lot of them realize they’re not vicious.”

Just be careful at bedtime: “He’s so spoiled, he takes up the whole bed — or lays right on top of me.”

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