Toddy Wedge by Toddy Gear— $14.99

Smartphones and tablets make the day-to-day a lot easier for us and our busy lives, but it’s hard to keep the screens of these devices clean from fingerprints and smudges.

Toddy Gear’s Toddy Wedge is a triangle-shaped cloth that can hold and clean your mobile device. A small piece of cloth forms a base that can prop up your phone in landscape or portrait mode.

The microfiber bottom is perfect for cleaning the screen of a smartphone, tablet or computer, and the small size and shape of the Wedge makes it easy to wipe down the surface.

Purchasing a Wedge directly from Toddy Gear opens up a world of customization possibilities. There are more than a dozen different options to choose from, including a houndstooth model for Crimson Tide fans.

The product works great when sitting at a desk and working on a computer. Simply prop your phone up next to the monitor using the Toddy Wedge, and you’ll be able to easily notice any incoming messages or notifications.

Any smartphone or tablet owner should have at least one microfiber cleaning cloth, and the Toddy Wedge is easy to recommend. The added value of a visually pleasing phone prop only sweetens the deal.

Toddy Gear is also releasing the Pocket Toddy, a small microfiber cloth that fits into a bag for on-the-go cleaning. The pocket can then be clipped to a keychain, backpack or any other travel bag.

Businesses can choose to create promotional Toddy Pockets with logos for a special bulk price.

Toddy Wedge is available at

FrameShift iPad Stand by Insanely Great Products — $99

The FrameShift iPad stand is unlike many of its competitors on the market. This particular tablet holder gives the user full discretion on the viewing level at which they wish to see their device.

Many iPad users, including myself, cover their tablet with the Apple Smartcover. The cover can be folded in several different ways to offer different viewing angles. However, it only really gives you a total of three or four different angles. The adjustable nature of the FrameShift, though, gives you an almost limitless amount of options.

Glare from the sun or indoor lighting can make reading on a screen difficult, but the freedom of adjusting this stand eliminates many of these issues.

The product is extremely durable, with an aircraft-grade aluminum casing. Fortunately, the casing allows for the dock connector to be attached. It’s a big plus having the option to charge your tablet while using it. The sleek design allows the FrameShift to be easily folded up for traveling in a bag.

The FrameShift iPad Stand’s one knock is the $99 price tag. However, the durability and functionality might be enough to persuade on-the-fence buyers. Available at

We'll be giving a FrameShift away. Leave a comment below on what you currently use to prop up your tablet and you'll be entered to win.

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