Smartphones have opened the floodgates for digital photography. Almost every user of these devices has a digital camera at their fingertips anytime day or night. And through social media programs like Instagram these photos can be shared with friends and family almost instantaneously. What’s next? How about the ability to turn one of your better shots into a physical work of art?

Now you can with Pixuru, a free iOS and Android application that turns digital pictures into professional décor.

The software is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. You’ll first be presented with a choice of material: canvas, framed, metal, wood, four-panel or device case.

Next you’ll select the size. Sizes vary depending on the type of material you have chosen.

Next, you’ll select the picture you want represented. Art can be imported from Instagram, Facebook or directly from your device.

Photos that have been taken before downloading the application are still available for use when creating a project.

The final step is moving and scaling your photo to perfection. You can even rotate the canvas to turn a portrait shot into a landscape-styled look.

Prices range from $20 dollars for a 6-by-6 inch canvas print, to more than $200 for the larger wood and metal varieties.

I tested the product with a 16-by-20 inch canvas print of my favorite photo subject — Amelia the dalmatian. She is very photogenic, after all.

The quality was apparent when I first opened the box. My picture had been professionally placed on durable canvas with bright, vivid colors intact. The subject of the work of art even showed approval with a quick wag of her tail.

There are several companies that provide a similar experience to the Pixuru application. However, none of them can compare to the easy-to-use software available for both of the popular operating systems. The quality of the finished product is special — it’s easy to see the love that has been put into the creation.

I can’t see anyone having a problem hanging a Pixuru created piece on their walls — unless they are unhappy with the photo they took.

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