Ogio’s Covert Shoulder Bag — 11-inch $79.99, 13-inch $69.99

My minimalistic spirit makes finding a good computer bag almost impossible. I’ve been longing for a bag that can hold a MacBook Air and iPad without taking up too much real estate. Ogio’s Covert Shoulder Bag seems to have been designed with me in mind, as it perfectly solves my dilemma.

The main component features a small zip pocket perfect for storing cords and cables. I was able to put in cables for a MacBook, iPad and iPhone, and a full pocket doesn’t prevent a computer from being added to the mix. The other compartment can also hold a small laptop, but I’d recommend using it for a tablet.

The front pocket is perfect for storing an audio device. A small panel on the back provides fast access to documents or a notebook.

Padding on the shoulder straps makes for a comfortable experience when on the go. These straps can be adjusted to get just the right fit.

Two models of the bag exist for 11-inch and 13-inch computers. Aside from the additional space, no major changes could be found between the sizes.

Ogio’s Covert Shoulder Bag is my personal go-to pack at the moment. The small design and multifaceted functionality make it the perfect computer accessory for everyday adventures. www.ogio.com

Booq’s Viper Courier — 13-inch $99.95, 15-inch $109.95

Booq’s latest case is a jack-of-all-trades. This bag can hold pretty much anything you can throw at it — or in it.

Appearing in 13- and 15-inch models, the Viper Courier is a professional-looking way to carry your business equipment.

A natural fiber body grants waterproof protection for safeguarding precious items from the elements.

Its body weight is light, even when filled to the brim with goodies. You can fit a laptop, tablet, smartphone and accessories without adding noticeable bulk.

The removable nylon straps can lighten the load and create more of a briefcase look. The carrying handles can also be retracted if desired.

One of the best features is called Terralinq, a serial number that can reunite you with the bag if its misplaced or stolen. Once the three-step registration process is completed, the bag can be tracked to a precise location.

Business professionals would be hard pressed to find a better computer bag for use around the office. The stylish design is good enough to attract the casual fan, as well. www.booqbags.com

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