iProp Universal Tablet Stand — Dockem, $29.99

Tablet stands come in many shapes and sizes, but most share a common flaw: It’s almost impossible to prop your device up and get it to stay straight on a non-flat surface.

Dockem tackles this problem rather well with the iProp Universal Tablet Stand, a beanbag-looking stand that can handle any terrain.

The iProp works great for holding up your device while sitting or lying on the couch. Simply set the base in your lap and the beanbag section will contort to fit your tablet in place. The design of the product pretty much assures that it will work with any tablet on the market.

A zipper along the base can be opened to reveal extra storage space for charging cables, headphones and more. The extra compartment can be removed in order to throw it in the wash for a quick clean — although it’s recommended you avoid putting food in the pouch.

Frequent travelers would get immense value out of this product. The small size allows for easy use in a car or on an airplane.

The iProp’s low price point and multi-use nature makes for an attractive buy for anyone looking to bolster their tablet-propping lineup. www.dockem.com.

Stealth Extreme Lite — Armorz, $34.95

Have you always wished to protect your phone from hammers and drills? Probably not, but the Stealth Extreme Lite from Armorz can stand up to the biggest punishments of everyday life.

I was pleased to discover the Armorz protector was compatible with all of the cases I tried. Cases that come complete with built-in screen protection would likely be the only culprits in the compatibility arena, though you would probably be able to use the Armorz protector in place of the supplied screen cover in many of those cases.

Installation was much easier than with similar products. I was able to place the Armorz protector on my phone with only a few bubbles, which quickly went away after some swift maneuvering. Screen bubbles are the biggest frustration when installing a cover, so this had a big impact on overall usefulness.

The actual cover measures only 0.2 mm thick, which is impressive when you consider that it’s shatterproof.

My favorite feature of this particular cover deals with fingerprints. Many of the protectors I’ve used in the past have not handled smudges well at all. Granted, these were much cheaper and of lower quality than the Armorz protector. Still, it might be worth the investment to those who hate smudges. www.armorz.com.

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