Meet Keieria Rudolph, a graduate of Anniston High School who decided to continue her studies at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta. Like most entering freshman, she was a bit indecisive about her career choice, but wanted a sense of solidarity and organization, so she chose early childhood education. However, after spending three years in Atlanta, the 20-year-old fell in love with the eccentric culture permeating the atmosphere and decided to change her major to fashion merchandising.

Rudolph explained the transition from education to fashion as a “power move,” and her accomplishments solidify that statement. She’s worked with the industries’ top fashion stylists in fashion shows, led major fashion projects at the university and now she’s in Milan, Italy, studying for four months at Istituo Europeo di Design. Her courses will provide her with a thorough knowledge of the fashion industry, and enable her to delve into the fashion culture with locals, which will supplement the knowledge she gets in the classroom.

Most of her time will be spent with her studies, but she will attend cultural field trips in Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice. In her spare time, Rudolph plans to travel to London, England, and Paris, France, while documenting her travels with photos and developing a business plan for a boutique that she plans to open in the future.

James Montgomery is a graduate of Anniston High School and a student at the University of Alabama majoring in American Studies and English. He runs the blog Enstyleclopedia with Jacksonville State University student Tresston Ray.