Sherry Blanton is making plans for the 8th Annual Take Pride Day in Jacksonville, and she wants everyone to participate. She said she believes that city pride should start in one’s own neighborhood.

This year, the date is Saturday, April 22.  The day begins with registration at 8 a.m. at City Hall.

Arrangements have been made with the Calhoun County Landfill for residents to drop off items free from 7:30-11:30 a.m. Items c an be brought to City Hall for recycling, shredding and trash collection from 8 a.m.-noon. This includes paint cans.

“You can’t put these (paint cans) on the street,” Blanton said. “The city isn‘t allowed to pick them up. It’s a good day for people to get rid of these type things they have sitting around that they don’t want or don’t need anymore.”

Aluminum  cans are welcomed because these will be recycled, with proceeds going to veterinarian Eric Clanton’s trust fund for animals.

“Dr. Clanton has this trust fund for animals that need help that some people can’t afford,” Blanton said. “If we donate the cans, somebody turns it into money and puts it into the fund.”

Blanton said she calls the fund Cans for Critters.

“I just made that up because it was cute,” she said. “We have a lot of people doing that.”

Other items that can be dropped off for recycling include cardboard, paper, plastic and electronics (except for monitors and televisions(.

Blanton is working with the Calhoun County Landfill to bring a dump truck to collect trash. The limit is six bags per car. RMC Jacksonville will provide the document shredder.

Boy Scout Troop 19 and the Cub Scout Troop 19 will be on hand again this year.

“They’ve been fabulous,” Blanton said. “They’ve been there for us every year.”

“We’re going to have teams going in and cleaning up areas that maybe haven’t gotten touched in a while,” she said.  “We want Jacksonville to sparkle.”

Blanton said she thanks the city, one of the sponsors, for it’s support, especially the employees who work in planning and building.

She also expresses her appreciation to volunteers and other sponsors, the County Commission and Jacksonville State University.

“This is a wonderful day for people to come together and to encourages others to clean up their neighborhood,” Blanton said. “It’s important to start in your neighborhood.”

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